New IPMI Initiative to Recognize Academic Achievement in Precious Metals Research

It takes a special mind to be able to look at a piece of metal and ask: “What can I do with this?”

Many of the amazing breakthroughs in technology metals we have reported on have their roots in colleges and universities around the world, where young people take a fresh approach to solving problems related to energy generation, sustainability and environmental compatibility.

The International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) has a long tradition of recognizing some of the most outstanding students in the world by awarding scholarships. Underlining the significance of academic research to the future of the precious metals industry, the institute just announced changes in its program increasing the amounts of scholarship money awarded as well as the visibility and prestige of its awards.

Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Ianiello, vice-president at BASF Corporation and professor at Rutgers University, the institute is now offering up to three scholarships worth $20,000 each, plus $5,000 to the department. In addition, there are nine corporate-sponsored awards in the amount of $5,000 each. What is more, students will have an opportunity to present their work in front of a worldwide audience at the IPMI’s annual conference.

In a letter recently published by the IPMI, the institute explains the nomination criteria and the application process. If you know a student or research group that might qualify then please spread the word – it’s an easy way to support and promote bright young people,  invest in the future of technology metals, and contribute to technical advancement in the world.

Bodo Albrecht,