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Feeling a bit frustrated by enterprise management software that doesn't fit the precious metals industry?

Consumer goods companies can use SAP or other ERP software with little customization.  However, those systems don’t offer the accurate tracking and loss prevention information that precious metals companies must have.

And, they only allow for a fixed, set price for your goods and inventory.

Unlike boxes of cereal, the price of precious metals fluctuates constantly.  A few dollars up or down can have a big impact on the value of your inventory, your liability, and your insurance costs.

Plus, you need to track materials from raw metal to final product, or from scrap to good delivery metal—without wastage.

Many companies try using stand-alone systems or custom software, but developing it is expensive and time-consuming.  Once you create it, you have to maintain it, write documentation for it, and update it as your company grows and your needs change.

Custom Software.  Ready-Made

BASIQ® PM-PRO (for SAP) and BASIQ® OpenPM (web-based) software programs are built specifically for precious metals companies. They’re ready to install, so there’s no costly software development or documentation process—just individual configuration to fit your company’s needs.

Since our software is an add-on, you won’t have to rebuild everything you already have in order to get the reports and information you need. It will integrate easily with your existing SAP or ERP software.

With BASIQ® OpenPM software, precious metal companies can—for the first time—operate entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for costly and year-long implementation projects.

You can trace every bit of metal, regardless of where it is. You can locate any quantity of metal (whether it’s owned, customer-owned or leased) in your inventory no matter if it is in-house, en route, or being stored off-site.

Inventory Management
  • Keeps costs and maintenance down
  • Maintains the actual quantity of metal throughout the production process, rather than assuming metals are “consumed”
  • Monitors gains and losses, and knows when to intervene
  • Records all handoffs in accordance with the “four-eye” principle
  • Meets requirements of the USA PATRIOT Act, Anti Money Laundering Rule, Dodd-Frank Act, etc.
IT Management
  • Can be configured, maintained, and managed by your existing staff
  • Ready to-install—no need to chase bugs or write custom code
  • No time-consuming debugging process, or writing patches
  • Reports that are easy to configure to meet your company’s specific needs

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