We Solve Your Metals Management Problems

Managing precious metals poses unique challenges. First, you must track large quantities of valuable materials.  Then, you have to carefully measure every stage of the production, transportation, and handling process to ensure that losses are within acceptable limits.

You have to calculate any byproducts of the manufacturing process and track every last tiny scrap of waste. There’s no room for shrinkage, the value changes frequently, and the materials require special protection.

Tracing, recording, and auditing all of it means special handling and systems. If the numbers don’t match, you need to know why.  And you need to know quickly.  Is it a processing problem? An accounting error? Or something else?

If your system is inadequate, you can’t tell if your losses are too high. Or what’s causing them. Repeatedly backtracking and chasing “missing inventory” is time consuming and expensive.  And, there’s always the unpleasant prospect of foul play. You need a system that can:

  • Record the content and the net weight of each item
  • Track every ounce of metal, no matter how large your operation
  • Value your inventory in real time
  • Maintain the correct weight, even if the products are transformed or recycled
  • Protect your assets, and ensure your inventory matches your accounting reports
  • Estimate surcharges and deductions (to compensate for production losses), and reconcile them with actual gains or losses

In addition, BASIQ® PM-PRO and OpenPM software can tell you exactly where your precious metals are at any time.  You’ll know if your inventory is safe, and whether your production processes are operating properly.  With our software, you can easily spot build-ups of metals in alloys, compounds, and low-grade residues, and accurately predict how much metal you should have once the production process is finished. You won’t have to worry if you have too much inventory, or whether something is missing. To learn more, just click here to connect with us.

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Metals Management