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When you’re dealing with high-cost, high-value materials such as precious metals, security is critical.  You need a precise inventory, and absolute weights, down to the last ounce. And, you need to make sure you protect your staff, and prevent theft.

Because losses can occur during production, in storage, or during transport, it’s imperative to find a solution that protects your precious inventory, regardless of where it is.

The problem is that most security solutions don’t do that. Some are focused on storage, but don’t include secure transportation. Many are based on heavy physical security, such as fences and scanners.  These are useful for intimidation but draw attention, and create a prison-like environment for employees. They are only a limited solution, particularly in areas where fences are impractical, or prohibited by zoning or other restrictions. Treating all employees like potential criminals actually promotes the risk of theft, and it increases fluctuation.

Plus, many security companies can’t train your employees in “four-eye” principles (to minimize the risk of collusion), mark your inventory for better tracking, or create dignified exit controls for employees and guests.

BASIQ® is different. Our security services offer one-stop protection—with one phone call, and one contact, you can:

  • Secure packaging and shipping
  • Prevent theft and losses
  • Deter intruders and defend against outside attacks
  • Protect “soft targets”
  • Train your employees
  • Collect evidence and prosecute wrongdoers

You get security that’s unobtrusive, and still highly effective.  Your workplace becomes less stressful, your employees will be happier, and your inventory stays safe.Plus, you don’t have to settle for something off-the-shelf, that doesn’t quite fit your company’s needs.

Installation includes full project management and implementation from initial planning to training, including a detailed analysis of your current situation, as well as recommendations for improvements, security planning, and implementation.

We can manage everything from building upgrades, armored transportation, video surveillance, remote viewing, and disaster management. If there is a crisis, your employees will know exactly what to do to find the problem, contain it, and fix it.

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