We Solve Your Technology Problems

Have a special precious metals project?  Need a new manufacturing process? Or want to improve an old one?

When you’ve got an unusual project, it can be hard to find a company that can deliver what you need.  Large companies have trouble with “one-off” jobs and low-volume production runs.

Maybe you’re moving, or taking over a plant that was originally built for another purpose—and must be altered or upgraded to meet precious metals production and security requirements.

If you have an idea for a new product, or need a prototype, we can find manufacturers able to produce low volume products or series, as well as companies capable of producing new products.

New or Rare Products and Services

  • Brainstorming new products and services
  • Market research to determine the viability of new products
  • Low-volume production or prototypes
  • Locating suppliers with rare or lost expertise

Moves, New Plants, and Project Management

  • Developing process flow charts, equipment lists, and technical drawings
  • Managing moves or new plant setup, and obtaining permits
  • Special projects with tight deadlines
  • Recycling and reuse projects
  • Minimizing yield losses

Our solutions allow you to reuse materials, save resources, and save money.

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Technology Consulting